Value for producers during the 16th Senwes Future Focus

  • 30 October 2019
  • 7607
  •  press-release

From left to right: Sakkie van Zyl (Chairman of the Red Meat Producers Organisation), AC van Wyk (producer), Waldo van Niekerk (Chairman of the Free State Agriculture Young Farmer Committee), Louis Wessels (Chairman of the Agri NW Young Farmer Committee), Neels Fourie (producer) , Johan van der Walt (producer), JP Meintjes (producer), Francois Strydom (Chief Executive Officer of Senwes) and Jaco Minnaar (Chairman of Grain SA).

The action-filled day focused on the BIG 5 of agriculture. Five aspects which the modern producer should incorporate into his business in order to farm productively, efficiently and profitably.

Rev. Laurie Naudé from NG Meyerhof in Bothaville opened the day with a reading from Isaiah 43:1 “I have called you by name, you are Mine”, with the message that producers should live and farm their testimonies as believers, whether it rains or not or whether prices are low – everyone should grow where he/she was planted.

Senwes Chief Executive Officer, Francois Strydom, delivered the message to producers that we are at the starting blocks of a planting season and that the preparation may be excellent. However, if we do not turn up on the day and deal with the circumstances which face us, we cannot be successful.

The question on the day was: “Do you still use outdated farming methods, or do you struggle with farming debt while being unable to keep up with technological advancements? Hence the focus on the 5 core aspects, the BIG 5 of agriculture, namely: (1) strategy, (2) human resources, (3) management information systems, (4) partnerships and (5) finances.

Jaco Minnaar, Grain SA chairman and non-executive director of Senwes, facilitated the day and shared his knowledge regarding the 5 core aspects with producers. “The producer who focuses on the opportunities is the one who will prosper. It does not necessarily go about farming bigger, but about farming better.” Jaco also remarked that: “Measurable objectives and beacons determine the direction which you wish to take. Strategy is a projection of your route, with highs and lows. Resources represent your vehicle for this route while your management information systems are the GPS, which indicates the route to be taken. Partners are your passengers, who shorten the trip and financial management determines how far you have travelled and serves as your measurement instrument.”

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