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Through Agri Credit Solutions, Senwes offers agri-economic services to producers, empowering them to make informed crop planning and financial decisions, leading to greater efficiency and profitability in farm management analyses. These services are collectively known as the Senwes E-Bureau.

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What we offer

The Senwes E-Bureau offers a range of services including comprehensive farm management analysis, profitability analysis for livestock and crops, benchmarking of data locally and internationally, break-even analysis to aid in grain price management, and various analyses such as financial efficiency, mechanisation analysis, and labour analysis to help optimise your farm's efficiency and profitability.

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JDI, a subsidiary of Senwes with the Tomlinson family as a shareholder, expands Senwes Equipment's geographical footprint by providing agri-equipment and maintenance solutions in the Western and Eastern Cape.

Staalmeester, another subsidiary of Senwes, has the Coetzee family as a shareholder and they broaden Senwes Equipment's product offerings by manufacturing and importing agricultural equipment for small and medium-sized producers whilst, Falcon (another Senwes subsidiary) further increasing Senwes Equipment's competitive edge in the agri-sector by manufacturing and distributing tractor-drawn implements and parts to the South African and sub-Saharan agricultural and turf markets,

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Products and Services

Farm Management Analysis (E-Bureau)

The aim of a farm management analysis is to compile a financial performance and technical efficiency report for the commercial producer in order to measure and compare farming operations, and thus improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of the enterprise. The farm's performance is measured annually over a production period that extends from 1 September to 31 August.

Profitability Analysis

The Senwes E-Bureau conducts profitability analyses on crop and livestock segments. This includes determining the break-even point of each segment and comparing it to other farmers. The profitability of each segment is also evaluated to assess whether they are being optimally utilised in the farming business. The break-even points and trends identified can then be used to manage grain prices and mitigate risks.

Efficiency Analysis

The Senwes E-Bureau offers a range of services to help optimise your farm's efficiency. These include analysing the return on your farm's capital, maintaining positive profit margins, evaluating the critical debt burden, and measuring the productive utilisation of capital in your farm operation.

The E-Bureau also offers labour analysis, providing insight into the effective utilisation of labour on your farm. Additionally, mechanisation efficiency can be compared with fellow farmers to help identify areas for improvement and increase your farm's overall efficiency.

With the Senwes E-Bureau, you can make informed decisions and take proactive steps to improve your farm's efficiency, profitability, and long-term success.


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