Agbiz responds to the release of the Presidential Land Reform and Agriculture Advisory Panel Report

  • 29 July 2019
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  •  John Purchase
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“Land reform is imperative to take South Africa forward, both through restitution and to broaden the ownership of land to many citizens that did not previously have access to property rights and tenure security. Exactly how to effect sustainable and fair land reform by enacting just redress, social dignity and human settlement considerations, while improving the competitiveness of agriculture and ensuring food security, is a complex question that requires interrogation of the report and further debate. In the end, we do need to agree on a path that resolves the land question as best possible, even though you will in all probability not be able to please all the people all the time,” Dr Purchase said.

The report indicates that the majority of panellists supported the principle of a constitutional amendment on the clarification of expropriation without compensation, while certain panellists did not support this proposed amendment. Agbiz again reiterates its mandated position that it does not support an amendment to the Constitution in terms of Section 25. For South Africa to grow and develop, property rights need to be protected and broadened, not undermined or even rendered worthless.

“Clearly robust discussion characterised the deliberations of the panel and Agbiz believes the report does take the debate on sustainable land reform forward, while not initially agreeing with certain recommendations,” Dr Purchase concluded.

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