Senwes ready to serve during 21-day national lockdown

  • 27 March 2020
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The president identified certain industries as essential and advised that these will remain operational during the lockdown period. Companies involved in the production, distribution and supply of food and basic goods, essential banking services, the maintenance of power, water and telecommunications services, laboratory services, and the provision of medical and hygiene products form part of these essential services and will therefore, go on uninterrupted.

Senwes has the responsibility of making a meaningful contribution towards food security in South Africa through sustainable agriculture. This responsibility stretches across various segments in the agri value chain which include, amongst others, the supply of inputs and mechanisation solutions as well as grain handling, storage and logistical solutions to food producers and other role players in the value chain.

Food security, amidst this COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, remains a critical issue for the survival and well-being of all South Africans. The Senwes Group (comprising of Senwes, Senwes Equipment, Staalmeester, Falcon, JD Implemente, Hinterland, Hinterland Fuels, KLK Landbou, Bastion, Senwes Graanmakelaars, Tradevantage, Grainovation, and Certisure) will continue to do its part to ensure continuity of the food value chain by remaining operational. Normal working hours will be observed across the business, with the exception of Hinterland, Senwes’ retail partner, who will only be operational on weekdays from 08:00am until 15:00pm.

Our staff members remain our number one priority during this period and, in light of the above, we want to reassure the general public that the necessary precautions are in place to ensure their safety. Most of our employees will be working from home and those who are at the office will each conduct business in isolation.

Please be safe, look after yourselves and we trust in the Lord, our Saviour.


Enquiries: Francois Strydom
Group Chief Executive Officer
Tel: +27 18 464 7115

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