Agricultural Services


Senwes Agricultural Services render specialised value adding support to clients in the field of agronomy, animal science, farm management and agricultural economics, soil surveying, information services and new farmer development.

Specialised agronomic services are available. The service is demand-driven, supportive and adds value. It is provided to internal divisions, subsidiaries, shareholders and clients of Senwes in order to optimise their business.

In addition to the agronomic services Senwes Agricultural services also provide a soil surveying and soil sampling services, which are of strategic importance for the effective management and decision-making on the farm.

  • Technical support in respect of the total spectrum of agronomical facets
  • Interpretation of soil physical- and chemical mapping data
  • Fertilising and liming recommendations & compiling of variable rate maps
  • Detailed mechanisation planning
  • Soil moisture evaluations and interpretations
  • Process, analyse, interpret and compile yield monitoring data and maps
  • Crop evaluations and estimates
  • Technical support in respect of the total spectrum of general herd management facets for ruminant and monogastric animals
  • Reproduction management support (selection, condition scoring, interpretation of breeding values & indices, record-keeping)
  • Natural veld management (stock and fodder flow planning, grazing systems, drought management, determining of carrying capacity and botanical composition)
  • Perennial pasture management (crop selection, DM-yield and utilisation within fodder flow program)
  • General guidelines for game management

Resource evaluations are of strategic importance to the producer for effective management and decision-making on the farm. Senwes Agricultural Services provides the following resource services to the producer in order to eliminate risks and add value to the producer’s enterprise:

  • DGPS area maps
  • Soil classification and -potential maps (drilling depth: 1,8m - 2,3m)
  • Chemical soil sampling (various grids)
  • 3D field maps
  • Special investigations

The cartographic service entails the production of accurate, high quality thematic, farm and area maps at competitive prices. Maps are available in various sizes (A0, A1, A2, A3, A4) and formats (printed, framed, laminated, electronic).

GIS and mapping services provide a wide range of maps comprising of resource information that promotes effective farm management and decision-making.

  • Customised maps and A4 to A0 - laminating of maps as requested
  • Aerial maps - 50cm resolution
  • Thematic maps, data collection and editing maps, analytical maps, planning maps, network maps, presentation maps, publication maps, atlases and aerial maps. .
  • Feasibility and viability studies
  • Provision of agri-economical management norms and guidelines
  • Agent for Software Farm (installation & training of financial farm management programmes among others SimFini, Accord, Duet etc.)
  • Niche models (farm feedlot, grazing maize and grain price management) via MySenwes platform
  • Holistic Farm management efficiency and follow-up readiness analyses
  • Training (short courses in strategic and financial farm management)
  • E-Bureau (farming enterprise financial performance and technical efficiency analysis and benchmarking)
  • Resource planning and agronomical support
  • Strategic partner of the Department of Land Reform and Rural Development
  • Facilitation of training requirements and rendering of training services
  • Advice on Agri-BEE at commercial farm level
  • Provide video’s on selective topics for training purposes
  • Subject-specific demonstrations and workshops

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