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  • 15 Junie 2022
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A leading agricultural company

Senwes is one South Africa’s leading agricultural companies and boasts a proud history of more than 113 years of service and impact. The annual graduate programme sees selected graduates benefitting immensely from rigorous practical and experience-based training and leadership development. During this time, graduates are supported and guided by skilled coaches and mentors.

As part of the Senwes’s strategy to continuously develop its leadership capacity and to advance diversity and inclusivity, the programme represents a conducive environment in which graduates can make the transition into the world of work.

You can have it all

The Senwes Graduate Programme is not just an opportunity to obtain practical work exposure, but also a stepping stone in the journey to professional growth. In fact, our graduates are held in high regard as the leaders and executives of the future.

Over the past few years the programme has delivered great success stories and today we are proud to have senior managers in our business that started out as young graduates and are now leading our organisation and its people to the next level of impact.

As a Senwes graduate, you are put on an accelerated career path, whilst benefitting from various training opportunities that are designed to draw out the best in you. And the best of all? You will achieve all of this while pursuing your passion and having fun all at the same time.

Join us today, and experience #BestOfBothWorlds!

Apply today

Applications are open until 31 July and graduates who have recently completed their studies or are in their final year of study are encouraged to apply. Follow this link to apply.

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