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Forward by Francois Strydom, Senwes Group CEO and Nation in Conversation Patron:

Never before in the history of Agriculture in our country, has it been more important to have key thought leaders in Agriculture in conversation. While the political climate is in a state of flux at the moment and more and more pressure is brought to bear on local government structures, the onus on ensuring food security remains with the producer.

It is critically important that the producers and platteland communities be allowed to do what they do best, and that is to put food on the table of the nation. And so, with this backdrop, I wish to once again thank all our sponsors who have made this year’s Nation in Conversation at Nampo possible.

You will note that the programme is particularly topical and reflects the salient issues currently at play in Agriculture. I would like to invite you to participate in the discussion, by downloading the Nation in Conversation App from the various online app-stores.

Nampo 2018

the Nation in Conversation App



Users can follow the discussions in real time, share their opinions on the subject matter and pose questions directly to the studio, which the presenter can then share with the panel. Experience it as if you’re part of the Nation in Conversation studio audience everyday at Nampo Park. The app also ensures that users are informed about agri matters via the latest media releases and info regarding broadcast times, panelists and subject matter. Provision has been made for guests to sign into wifi at the venue and real time comments will be publicised.

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