Sustainable management is integral to our strategy and operations because it underpins the sustainability of Senwes as a going concern. We are committed to ensuring the sustainability of our business, while simultaneously contributing towards the continued existence of a just, equitable and stable society, as well as the preservation of the ecosystem. We do this by being conscious of our actions and the impact thereof on both society and the natural environment, and by developing strategies to ensure that we minimise negative impact and optimise positive impact.

Thobo Trust


Thobo Trust is an independent trust established in 2014 to be the strategic BBBEE and Socio Economic development partner for Senwes. The beneficiaries of the trust comprise mainly of Senwes employees, farm workers, emerging farmers, and communities in the rural areas in which Senwes conducts business.

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Senwes' sustainability objectives are based on the company's strategic commitment and goals, corporate values and code of ethics. They articulate Senwes' desire to leave a positive impact on all our stakeholders in the way in which the company manage the business.

Senwes' sustainability endeavours are focused on the following broad objectives:

  • Taking advantage of opportunities;
  • Protection of current business;
  • Unlocking of new business and income streams;
  • Mitigation of risk;
  • Improvement of operational efficiencies;
  • Realisation of cost efficiencies.

Senwes has identified the following strategic sustainability focus areas that have a direct impact on the company’s ability to deliver on the business strategy and growth objectives. Each focus area consists of sustainability issues that have the potential to influence the assessment and decision-making of Senwes’ stakeholders



1 May 2016 - 31 April, 2017


The report is aimed at all stakeholders with an interest in the Senwes group’s sustainability performance. Stakeholders that could affect and/or be affected by our activities, products and associated performance, include our employees, shareholders, suppliers, communities, investors, customers, NGO’s and government.