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Senwes is one of the leading agricultural companies in South Africa, with clients symbolising the heart of the company. The company is deeply rooted in agriculture and has a rich and proud history which extends over a period of 109 years.



The Senwes Group of companies is supported by three pillars - Input Supply, Financial and Technical Services and Market Access in the Northwest, Free State, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and Western Cape provinces. The Senwes Group has an integrated business model to facilitate its core objective of making a meaningful contribution to food security in South Africa in a sustainable manner.




Senwes Grainlink specialises in the handling and storage of grain and oilseeds and is positioned between the producer and the off-taker. This link, which represents Senwes Grainlink in the producer value chain, is capable of handling approximately 20% of South Africa’s grain and oilseeds in an average production year. The 68 silo complexes and three throughput structures have a total storage capacity of 4,8 million tons, which represents more than 25% of the total South African commercial storage capacity.

Senwes Grainlink has 2 223 bins, where grain and oilseeds are received, dried, cleaned and stored. A more streamlined process has been put in place for the procurement and marketing of grain in order to optimise the turnaround times of producers and off-takers.

Although the procurement action is decentralised with 17 procurement offices, the trading of grain is done on a central basis. Producer-specific contracts and trading solutions allow the producer to optimise his crop due to the availability of extensive pricing products and strategies. Senwes Grainlink also renders services to the grain off-taker and attempts to ensure the availability of raw materials at the correct place and time throughout the year.

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Tradevantage provides an extensive grain marketing and trading service to both national and international clients relating to maize, oilseeds, wheat and sundry soft commodities.

Tradevantage is known for accurate execution, effective administration, professionalism and the provision of innovative solutions. The business is uniquely developed to meet the needs of each client and supplies the product to off-takers at their production plants.

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Grainovation is a leading logistics operator in the agricultural sector and offers specialised logistical solutions to both the producer and off-taker of grain and oilseeds.

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Electronic Silo Certificates provides a safe and effective way of managing electronic silo certificates via the internet or a cellphone. Certificates are traded and administered seamlessly online.

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Senwes Seed plays a key role in the agri-value chain in Orkney and Hartswater. Senwes Seed established itself over decades as an excellent seed processor with an excellent reputation amongst producers and in the market. This business recently expanded its activities by adding a small packaging plant to the current service offering.

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Senwes Graanmakelaars is a company which acts as a broking agent for clients wishing to obtain access to the JSE (SAFEX) agricultural commodities division. Senwes Graanmakelaars is a wholly owned subsidiary of the larger Senwes group and resides within Senwes Grainlink in the market access division.

This places Senwes Graanmakelaars in an ideal position to increase synergy within market access by providing an opportunity to producers, consumers and speculators to hedge or take part in potential market opportunities. Senwes Graanmakelaars also plays a supporting role, together with market access analytical services, to compile market information reports on a daily basis.

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Senwes Equipment is an agricultural equipment and services partner of distinction and offers mechanisation and maintenance solutions. Senwes Equipment supplies whole goods, spares and workshop services to producers from 27 retail outlets and 18 mechanisation workshops country-wide.

Senwes Equipment is also the exclusive John Deere agent in central South Africa, where the quality of the equipment runs parallel with the supply channel. Excellent after-sales service in respect of tractors, harvesters and other agri-implements is supported by a century’s experience and industry knowledge.

Through the implementation of precision farming practices, Senwes Equipment assists producers with solution-driven services in order to increase their profits and keep their input costs as low as possible.

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Hinterland specialises in the empowerment of producers by supplying input products for a wide variety of farming practices. The successful retail business, which trades as Senwes Village, AFGRI Town & Country and Farm City, also offers a wide variety of hardware and convenience products to the general public, such as irrigation equipment, DIY-products, hardware, animal health, animal feed and fuel.

Hinterland has 63 retail outlets, seven fuel stations with seven convenience stores at the fuel stations and one supermarket.

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JD Implemente enables Senwes Equipment to expand its market share in the Western and Eastern Cape. JD Implemente renders services to producers through six business units by providing excellent agri-mechanisation and maintenance solutions. The company’s unequalled after-sales service exceeds producers’ expectations time and again.

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Prodist, as wholesale distributor of a variety of agricultural products and general commodities, plays an active role in the optimisation of every aspect of the supply chain between the producer and the end consumer.

Strategic partnerships with suppliers ensure that Prodist is one of the most prominent wholesalers and suppliers of spares for agricultural implements, agricultural and irrigation equipment, hardware and tools. Mass products are imported via two distribution centres in Johannesburg and Bethlehem, where such products are repacked and distributed to more than 1 887 destinations throughout Southern Africa. Prodist is focused on servicing the agri-business and retail hardware markets in South Africa and its neighbouring countries as an effective supply channel.

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Grasland specialises in the production of high quality lime at its four mines in the Northwest province. It supplies dolomitic and high quality lime and gypsum products for agricultural and industrial purposes.

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Senwes Credit offers producers a range of unique and effective financial products such as, inter alia, production loans, monthly accounts, credit arrangements of a long-term nature and hire purchase transactions.

Senwes Credit understands the challenges which producers face in an uncertain economic climate and, for this reason, it makes financial arrangements with the off-takers of grain in order to extend bridging finance for the operating costs of their businesses.

Senwes Agricultural Services renders specialised services with a focus on the addition of value to agronomy, animal science, farm management, agricultural-economics, soil analysis and information services and the establishment of emerging farmers.

Good relationships with clients are critical in our business, where the quality of recommendations, practical feasibility and results dominate competitive prices. Specialists in every facet ensure sustainable solutions and optimal turnaround times in order to be as adaptable as possible.

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Senwes Asset Finance offers comprehensive financial services focused on your movable assets and bonds - a service which offers the best in terms of business development and sustainable growth.

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The Certisure group is an insurance company with numerous specialist areas that agricultural, commercial and individual clients can benefit from. Asset insurance, crop insurance, financial planning, credit life insurance, corporate insurance, game insurance and medical aid schemes form the cornerstones of this company.

The convenience of tailor-made insurance products for every producer, client and member of the public ensures a competitive edge without equal. Certisure renders broker and administrative services where the risk requirements of clients are addressed and catered for.

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Molemi Sele is the owner of a cell insurance company for credit life insurance within Guardrisk Life and focuses on underwriting risks within the credit life insurance domain.


Thobo Trust is an independent trust and serves as strategic partner for Senwes’ black economic empowerment and socioeconomic development objectives. Senwes employees, farm labourers, emerging farmers and communities in rural areas, where Senwes conducts business, derive the most benefit from this business model.

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