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More than just Agriculture

  -  October 2015

Senwes Interim Results 2015 Cover

An interim dividend of 25 cents per share (2014: 24 cents per share) has been declared for all shareholders registered as such in the shareholder register on 4 December 2015 and will 
be paid out by 11 December 2015.

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Interim Results 2015 PDF 

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Press Release

Advertisement (2,4MB)

-  Senwes Integrated Report 2015

Senwes Geïntegreerde verslag 2015 voorblad

Two totally contrasting agricultural cycles in one financial year were once again the characteristic of the highly volatile environment in which agricultural companies have to conduct business, according to Mr Francois Strydom, Chief Executive of the Senwes Group.

Senwes Integrated Report 2015 

(60 pages = 12MB)
Press Release (141KB)
Advertisement (985KB)
Senwes Annual General Meeting 2015 (16 pages = 2MB)

 Full Financial Statements (86 pages = 985KB)

 Full Corporate Governance Report (86 pages = 985KB)

 Full Sustainability Report (86 pages = 985KB)

On the road to 2020

  -  Senwes Interim Results: 31 October 2014

Senwes Interim Resultate 2014 voorblad

Die netto batewaarde per aandeel het verhoog van R9,58/a op 30 April 2014 na R10,06/a teen einde Oktober 2014, selfs nadat ‘n finale dividend van 22 s/a betaal is gedurende September 2014.

‘n Interim dividend van 24 s/a (2013: 26 s/a) is verklaar vir alle aandeelhouers geregistreer as sulks op die aandeleregister op 8 Desember 2014 en sal betaal word teen 12 Desember 2014.

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Kliek hier om die persverklaring af te laai.

On the Road to 2020

  -  Senwes Integrated Report 2014

The title of this report, On the Road to 2020, implies that what we did during the past year and plan to do in the future are strategically aligned with the vision of the Company.

Integrated report 
[60 pages = 14,5MB]
Notice of the Annual General Meeting [16 pages = 1,1MB]

Full Reports:
Corporate Governance Report [11 pages = 565KB]
Annual Financial Statements [85 pages = 2,6MB]
Download the Sustainability Report [54 pages = 6,8MB]

Growing Valuable Partnerships

  -  Senwes integrated report 2013

Senwes geïntegreerde verslag 2013 voorblad

“This report aims to make the Senwes story accessible to all stakeholders. This year’s story is titled “Growing valuable partnerships”. It speaks to our long-term strategy, which entails finding partners with whom we can create future value for shareholders and the communities in which we operate.

This report informs future partners of material matters and enables stakeholders to make an informed assessment of the Senwes Group’s ongoing ability to create and sustain value...."

Senwes integrated report 2013: Growing valuable partnerships

[59 pages = 4.74MB]

Other important documents for shareholders

Senwes' integrated report provides a synoptic overview of material operational activities for 2012/13. This report is a summary of the most important aspects from the complete corporate governance report, financial statements and notes, and sustainability report.

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Comprehensive versions of the following statements can be downloaded below

Senwes Financial Results 2013


Good commodity prices and input year leads to good results

"Senwes’ financial year ended 30 April 2013 demonstrated a good balance of operational performance and the successful achievement of a number of strategic objectives.

The turnover generated by the group increased by 16,9% to R13,9 billion, with a net profit after tax of R307 million. These figures represent an increase in earnings per share of 15,7% and headline earnings of 14,8%. The increase in turnover can mainly be ascribed to higher commodity prices and a favourable input year. Net asset value increased by 128 cents per share, after having paid dividends of 41 cents per share...[Read the complete press release]

  • Click here to download the newspaper advertisement [517 KB]
  • Click here to download the RSG Geldsake interview with Francois Strydom [913 KB]
  • Click here to download an abridged set of statements [155 KB]

Senwes Interim Financial Results 2012/13

 Senwes Interim Financial Results 2012/13

High grain prices lead to positive input cycle for first six months

“The group reflects a net profit after tax of R187 million for the first six months and represents an increase of 65,5% on the previous year’s R113 million, whereas the turnover of R7,3 billion is at the same level as the previous year. Headline earnings increased by 6,7% from 66,9 c/share to 71,4 c/share...” [Read the complete press release]

Senwes Annual Report 2012

Senwes Annual Report 2012 Cover

“The report deals with the financial and operational performance of the 2012 financial year, but also with the strategic progress in respect of the growth and deployment aspects of consolidation, geographic expansion, commodity diversification and the positioning of the organisation to do business in Africa and international markets..."

~ Francois Strydom (Managing Director: Senwes)

Senwes Annual Report 2012

113 pages = 6.58MB

Other important document for shareholders

The Senwes Annual Report 2012 can also be downloaded in smaller sections:

Financial Highlights

1 page= 80KB

Operational Overview

3 pages = 433KB

Corporate Governance

17 pages = 1.26MB

Integrated Report

29 pages = 1.74MB

Integrated Financial Report

55 pages = 2.51MB

Senwes Financial Results 2012


Senwes reports healthy growth

“Senwes’ profit after tax for the year ended 30 April increased by 21,6% to R265 million, while a return on equity of 21,5% was achieved. Headline earnings for the period increased by 14,3% from 116,2 c/share to 132,8 c/share. The turnover of this integrated agricultural services business received a boost of 73,5% to R13 billion mainly as a result of an increase in commodity prices...” [Read the complete press release]

  • Click here to download the newspaper advertisement. [568 KB]
  • Click here to download the RSG Geldsake interview with Francois Strydom. [634 KB]
  • Click here to download Pieter Möller's (OFM) interview with Francois Strydom. [241 KB]

Report Archive

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