Your new JCB Sales Manager at Senwes Equipment

  • 01 May 2017
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Antoon is in charge of a number of aspects since his appointment, which include the buying of stock, setting marketing targets, customer service, new business - which includes municipalities and contractors - product support, training of personnel and spares.
The service is rendered in the traditional Senwes areas, as well as the new areas, namely Aliwal-North, Ugie and the East-London area, as well as additional JCB-areas in the Northern Cape at Kimberley and Prieska.
According to the new JCB Sales Manager and Sundry Equipment the service is aimed at adding value for the customer and his business. “We directly address the current gaps and customers no longer have to travel long distances to get service - the service is available in their home towns. The 19 workshops have qualified personnel to service customers and where there are workshops, there will be spares." 
Antoon has 40 years' experience since he started in this industry in 1979. He fills this new position after having been service manager workshops at Senwes Equipment. Antoon has extensive knowledge of products and mechanisation and mechanisation is what he is interested in, his passion. He also has 30 years of experience which he gained while working for AFGRI, where he progressed from apprentice to qualified mechanic, working foreman and workshop manager at various branches. He was branch manager, technical manager and marketing manager for the Highveld region.
He is an agriculturist to the core and grew up on the farm Schoongezig between Volksrust and Wakkerstroom in Mpumalanga. He undertakes to, as always, render the best service and support to any customer and will ensure speedy delivery of high quality machinery and equipment.
He has an undying passion for customers and to put them first. A one-stop service with the necessary advice. 
Customers are invited to discuss any matters with him. His contact details are telephone number 018 464 7571 and e-mail address [email protected].

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