• 30 June 2020
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From 25 June, Tech Terrain will offer weekly insights and a deep dive into the most crucial elements farmers need to consider to improve their bottom line and ensure the future of the land for generations to come.

Powered by John Deere, Tech Terrain will offer engagement opportunities with experts on various subjects and provide a one stop shop for farmer’s seeking answers and solutions to on-farm challenges.

Antois van der Westhuizen, managing director of John Deere Financial, notes that to make money in agriculture, resources need to be used optimally. “This means minimal wastage of inputs and maximum efficiency, which is gained by having the right equipment in place. With intelligent investments in technology your whole operation has a springboard to reach a sustainable level of profitability. This means you, and your children are assured of a future on the farm.”

Jaco Beyers, sales director at John Deere, says that communication and building relationship with farmers is crucial to sharing knowledge, which ensures the success of the sector. “This is something we would usually do at trade shows like Nampo. But since these events have been either cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19, we have taken our expertise online, where we can share it with a far wider audience.

He adds that ultimately, sharing knowledge that will improve profitability, is the goal. “John Deere makes huge investments in finding exactly the right solutions to challenges farmers face. This could mean intricate technology for a big commercial farmer, but also an efficient planter for a small holder. Every aspect of our equipment is fine tuned to give the farmer the best possible chance at succeeding. As experts in what drives efficiency, we have much value to add to our audience, regardless of the colour of your tractor.”

The series of 15 episodes starting on 25 June, will provide information and also exhibit new John Deere products, technology and solutions. Tech Terrain will be available online at and viewers are required to do a simple registration to access the content.

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