Solar PV for Hennenman silo

  • 12 June 2017
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1120 solar panels were installed, with a total capacity of 358kWp. The total projected solar utilisation per annum is 472 460 kWh, which constitutes 62% of the total electricity consumption of Hennenman silo and will result in a significant cost saving.
Francois Strydom, Group Chief Executive of Senwes, said: “In line with our sustainability objectives and, inter alia, our contribution to reducing the carbon footprint, the Solar PV will save approximately 1kg CO2/kWh. The projected carbon savings will amount to 472,5 tons of CO2 per annum.
This project commenced in January this year and was completed in April, when it was integrated into the existing electricity grid.  Silo Manager, Nico Els, monitors the Solar PV with a special App, Sunny Portal, which gives you the total kWh produced per hour at a glimpse. He is very excited about the results yielded thus far – the system recently recorded 1600kWh and 281kWp, 10% above the projected maximum demand of 266kWp.
In its endeavours to deliver effective and efficient services to its clients, Senwes deems it fit to invest in technology and alternative energy. This is a pilot project done by Motla Consulting Engineers and commissioned by Senwes. According to Strydom the installation of Solar PV systems at other silos will follow soon. 

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