Senwes Spinners, twelve years in action ​

  • 19 May 2018
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Both teams played remarkably with notable performances from Phakela’s star batsman, Joseph Sebolai and Dr Sello’s bowler, Katleho Maleka who displayed impressive skills during the match. After their victory, the winning team played a friendly T10 match against the NW Kings where they lost by 6 wickets.

For over a decade, Senwes has passionately spearheaded the farm school cricket development initiative, Senwes Spinners. This year’s tournament got off to an inspirational start on 3 April at Senwes Park where Senwes Group Chief Executive, Francios Strydom addressed the young players. He encouraged them to play passionately and dream big and asserted them by reminding them of their significance and explaining to them that learning in a farm school environment gives them an experience like no other. He encouraged them to cherish the quality of education that they receive and make use of every opportunity that comes their way. The 12 years of the tournament’s success affirms Senwes’ support and commitment to bring about positive change and breaking new ground in the communities where they do business.

In an interview, Strydom stressed the importance sustainability as of one of the key factors in Corporate Social Responsibility and to Senwes. “When the Senwes Spinners Farm School Cricket Development started out in 2006, the sustainability potential was questionable. Twelve years later, the tournament has not only proven to be sustainable, but also inspirational in the way it has given hope to the 1400 learners who have passed through the programme to date.” Strydom stated his belief that for any company to have longevity, it needs to make a real difference in the community and become part of the solution in making life better for the people it intends to service.

Since its inception, this exceptional development programme has afforded Senwes and NW cricket the opportunity to give back and make a lasting difference in the lives of many young boys whose sporting dreams have come to fruition through the support of Senwes Spinners. To date, through the tournament, five young boys have received full scholarships for high school and tertiary education.

The twelfth Senwes Spinners tournament will air on Supersport Extra in September 2018.

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