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  • 16 October 2017
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The 2016/2017 season is coming to an end and many Senwes producers who delivered grain over the past year, have already registered for the deferred bonus scheme. The number of producers is still growing and AgriRewards is a hit amongst grain producers since Pierre van Eeden, from the farm Heuninglaagte in the Edenville district, had been the first producer to register. An article on Pierre appeared in the December 2016/January 2017 Senwes Scenario.
R52 million allocated
Senwes is proud to announce that the board allocated an amount of R54/ton to all registered grain producers for all grain deliveries at Senwes silos. This means that Senwes allocated an amount of R52 million for the financial year ended 30 April 2017.
This Senwes AgriRewards deferred bonus scheme offers an opportunity to all Senwes Grainlink customers to earn good deferred bonuses and to utilise the benefits thereof. Good news is that the bonus will accumulate annually to the extent to which the customer conducted business with Senwes.
This voluntary scheme could result in an additional amount per ton in the pockets of participating customers for all grain and oilseeds delivered at a Senwes silo.
The basis of future AgriRewards benefits and participation by other business units will be decided upon and announced by the board annually. Customers will also be able to use the accumulated bonuses as security for additional credit facilities at Senwes Credit, thereby optimising their investments.
Even more customers will benefit in 2018
Businesses qualifying for the 2018 financial year will include grain sales to Senwes, grain deliveries at Senwes silos, the acquisition of new whole goods, spares and the utilisation of workshops at Senwes Equipment, as well as interest-bearing transactions at Senwes Credit. Anyone conducting business with these business units may participate in the scheme.
Additional benefits
Additional benefits of the scheme include using the deferred bonus scheme as security for credit at Senwes, it will help you to save and can even serve as an asset on your balance sheet - we referred to these benefits elsewhere and will therefore not repeat it.
Easy registration
The user-friendly deferred bonus scheme offers an easy registration process, as well as access to electronic platforms, subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions by customers.
Should any customer wish to qualify for AgriRewards, they can follow the easy registration process. To register, visit the following link:, for more details.
Another easy registration option is to sms AgriRewards and your ID-number to 31022. Alternatively you may contact your nearest grain procurer or key account manager. Registration for the bonus for the April 2018 financial year will close on 31 March 2018.
This is how Senwes awards its loyal customers. Become part of the deferred bonus scheme, become part of Senwes AgriRewards!
*Participation is not automatic and customers have to register for the scheme. Should you have registered for the 2017 financial year, you will automatically qualify for the 2018 allocation, unless you specifically deregister. 

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