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  • 06 March 2017
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The provisions of the Financial Markets Act obliged the Companies to migrate the share trading to the licensed exchange environment. In this environment all shares has to be uncertificated (i.e. dematerialised) as transactions occur live on an electronic basis.

The role players involved with this process are:

  • The shareholder of the proposed investor;
  • The Companies;
  • The exchange, ZAR X;
  • Computershare (the overall custodian of the share registers);
  • STRATE (which settle the transactions);
  • Senwes as Main Broker and Transfer Secretary (who will attend to all instructions for trading as well as the administration of transfers between shareholders towards Computershare and ZAR X). Senwes will also attend to the authority to trade and where appropriate (Senwesbel) attend to the qualifying criteria for persons that need to qualify to purchase shares.

The Senwes shares are freely tradeable. If Senwes or Senwesbel shares have been provided as security for facilities at Senwes, the prior consent of Senwes is required before shares may be traded. Senwesbel shares is not freely tradeable and shall trade on the ZAR X restricted platform. This entails that only persons that conduct farming as main business activity may acquire and hold Senwesbel shares.

Should you wish to trade in shares you will be required to complete a Computershare mandate and to provide the prescribed FICA documentation. Thereafter a SDA account will be opened with Computershare in which account your shares will be credited or the money that will be utilised to purchase shares. These requirements are absolute and non-negotiable since trading is fully automated and occurs “on a live matching” basis.

This means that the trading is risk free and no further paperwork will be required. Both the seller and purchaser of shares will pay a brokerage fee of 0.75% based on the rand value of the transaction with a minimum of R150,00 plus VAT.

The payment of dividends will also occur electronically and dividend payments between different banks will be reflected immediately on the payment date in shareholders accounts.

For trading in shares please phone: 
Ansa Janse van Vuuren (Broker) by telnr: 018 4647105
Claudi Smit (Transfer Sectretary) by telnr 018 464 7121

General queries may also be directed to Elmarie Joynt, Senwes Group Company Secretary at tel no: 018 464 7104 or email: [email protected]

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