Senwes Grainlink and Senwes Equipment | Yellow machine improves roads for producers

  • 21 December 2021
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With this reality in mind, Senwes Grainlink in collaboration with Senwes Equipment recently launched a new initiative aimed at upgrading road infrastructure, with specific reference to the access roads to silos.

During the launch of the initiative in Bultfontein, Pieter Malan, executive manager: Grainlink Industry, stated unequivocally that Senwes is committed to ploughing back into the various communities in which the agri-business does business, while also emphasising the value of partnerships. The latter refers to the mutual relationship that exists between the local farmers' associations and Senwes.

Malan explains that Senwes Grainlink in partnership with Senwes Equipment acquired a 'yellow machine’ (as John Deere construction vehicles are referred to) to ensure that producers can now deliver their grain at Senwes Grainlink silos without difficulty.

In addition, the services of an experienced grater operator were obtained to assist with this maintenance project.

"We ask that farmers' associations within the Senwes service footprint contact us to see how we can join hands to improve the road infrastructure," says Malan, adding that co-operation is the key to success.

For more information on this initiative, contact your nearest Senwes Grainlink silo manager.

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