Senwes graduate program sowing seeds of knowledge

  • 19 June 2018
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  •  Senwes

Over a period of twelve months, focus is placed on identifying each individual’s talents and strengths and ultimately shaping them into employees that will positively contribute to the growth of the company.  “We invest in high potential talent; people we believe can take the business forward.” Says NW Smit, Manager: Talent and Organisational Development at Senwes.

Potential candidates go through a rigorous process designed to identify the best individuals with the highest success potential. A shortlist of potential candidates is compiled out of Hundreds of applications based on predetermined focus areas, who then undergo a competency based interview followed by psychometric testing. This ensures that high potential candidates are selected for the program. Smit emphasised that the selection process is as thorough as it is so that they can identify behaviours that fit each specific role so candidates can be placed in positions that best fit their personal and professional DNA.

Through the program, new talent is afforded the chance to drink from the existing well of knowledge within the company through the more experienced employees and adopt the culture of professionalism and productivity that will in turn make them capable, competitive employees in their respective fields. “The main aim for me is to ensure that all the graduates receive sufficient training and exposure in their specialised fields.” added Smit. To avoid a talent shortfall within the organisation, Senwes adopts a method of employing graduates in departments where there is a need for them and there is possible potential for them to thrive and grow within the company beyond the twelve-month duration of the program.

Mentorship plays a big role in the training of graduates. “It is important that when we get graduates, we invest in their growth and partner them up with mentors who can teach them specialised skills and help them in their development. By transferring employees transfer specialised knowledge and skills from experienced employees to graduates, a succession pipeline is created to anchor a new generation that will take Senwes into the future.

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