Senwes’ For the Farmers Campaign Extended

  • 27 February 2019
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Senwes Group CE, Francois Strydom issued a challenge to all SA Companies to follow suit. The campaign was extremely successful with a reach of over 200 000 on social media and various media interviews, and lots of positive feedback from the industry. The success of the campaign has led to Senwes extending the action to focus on all locally produced commodities in an effort to galvanise support for farmers by all South Africans. The extension of the campaign kicks-off on Friday 1 March 2019 with the hashtags #eatlocalchicken #eetplaaslikehoender where Senwes staff will post selfies and group shots of themselves enjoying any chicken or poultry products. The idea being to support our local poultry farmers who are under enormous threat from international imports.

“We will embark on a commodity-wide focus for the rest of the year which will include every locally produced commodity in the Senwes operations area. Such as beef, poultry, sheep, pork, maize (animal and human consumption) dairy, soya, wheat, milk, potatoes, nuts and vegetables,” says Francois. This social media-based campaign is a fun way to shine the spotlight on the very serious relationship farming has in the lives of all South Africans and the South African economy as a whole.

“The agri-sector plays a vital role in job creation in every aspect of the value chain from the farm to the plate and makes a huge impact on the fiscus. Agriculture is the cornerstone of any successful economy no matter what country we’re talking about.

“We need to showcase the importance of producing and buying locally produced goods instead of importing and buying imported goods. South Africans have to understand that buying and producing locally has a very really impact in terms of job creation and job security and sustainability. 

“Politicians won’t make the changes we need, we, ordinary South Africans will, and it can start by awareness campaigns such as these.

“I wish to thank everyone who responded to our initial campaign, #braai4farmers, and call on all South Africans to once again get behind the campaign extension. Watch the Senwes Social Media platforms for ongoing coverage of our initiative,” Francois concludes.

Issued by: Senwes Communications
Marlon Abrahams | Communications Manager  
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