Sewes and Agri Securitas tees off for rural safety

  • 24 November 2021
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This year's golf day, of which the course was sold out, was presented at the picturesque Pecanwood Golf Course and Country Club in Hartbeesfontein

The purpose of the day was to raise funds for the Agri Securitas Trust Fund. This fund provides financial support to security projects at district level across South Africa by mobilising and channelling resources.

According to Christo van der Rheede, CEO of Agri SA, the fund has paid out approximately R4.8 million to various agricultural unions in the past year to help ensure that farmers, their farm workers and rural areas are protected. In 2019 and 2020, R3,3 million and R3 million respectively were made available to provincial agricultural associations for safety projects.

"We are motivated to not only talk about the problem of rural crime, but rather to seek innovative and pro-active solutions," said Van der Rheede, noting that initiatives such as the annual golf day are one of the creative ways in which a workable solution to the funding challenge is sought.

Support for security projects

According to Van der Rheede, the trust fund has helped fund 105 projects at farmers' association level since 2017 and assisted 6,000 farmers and approximately 100,000 farm workers in the process.

ʼn However, there is an increase in applications for assistance, especially in terms of installing camera systems in rural areas. This technology makes it possible to monitor suspicious movement, assist the police service in identifying criminals and even serve as an early warning system in case of wildfires.

Ground-level security projects for which funding is requested also include the provision of rural security equipment such as night-vision equipment and bulletproof vests while trauma counseling to victims of farm attacks is also funded.

* Senwes has been supporting Agri Securitas since the fund's inception in 1999.

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