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  • 16 April 2018
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  •  Francois de Kock
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However, the agri-environment is changing at a rapid rate and the requirements of customers are becoming more complex. It is expected from agri-companies, and financiers in particular, to get to understand the business of customers better, to identify strategic hurdles which could hamper the continued existence and growth of their farming operations and to do short and long-term planning with the customer. In this manner it will be possible to offer a more acceptable financial solution to the client.

In order to overcome the above challenges, Senwes Credit is in a process of redesigning the aspects which affect service delivery to the customer in order to render an even better service. In this regard the objective is to migrate from being a supplier of financial products to a supplier of solutions.

The first phase of this process involved certain structural changes.

Francois de Kock was appointed as Head Agri-Financing. His responsibilities include primary agricultural financing, emerging agriculture and agri-economic services.

Johan Kunz was appointed as Head Structured Financing and his responsibilities involve offering tailor-made financing solutions to customers, which are aligned with the cash flow requirements of customers and the restructuring of balance sheets.

Herman Harmzen was appointed as Head of Finance, Compliance and Administration.

Elize Jordaan and Johannes Brink have been appointed to support the existing team of Agri-Finance Managers (formerly key account managers).  

Senwes Credit offers unique products to its customers in order to meet their requirements which include, inter alia, the following products:

  • Term financing for the acquisition of farm land
  • Operating capital to meet the operating capital requirements of the customer
  • Production credit for the financing of direct input products
  • Grain financing for up to 24 months, structured around the customer’s balance sheet and cash flow.

Agri-economic services form part of the Senwes Credit team to optimise the product offering to the customer. Personal contact and excellent client relationships form the foundation of the business of Senwes Credit. 

For any additional information, please contact Francois de Kock at [email protected].

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