Senwes continues to support Agri Risk Desk

  • 24 May 2018
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The Smart Agriculture Risk Management Desk (SARMD) was launched in collaboration with Senwes in May 2017. The objectives of the SARMD was to compile a disaster risk management plan, identify broader risks facing the agriculture sector and to investigate mitigation strategies of major risks.  “The interaction of challenging economic conditions, persisting political uncertainty and climate change have created the need for a systematic approach to risk management in the agriculture sector” said Omri van Zyl, executive director of Agri SA. 

A comprehensive disaster risk management plan that was conducted by Koos van Zyl in 2006, was updated by prof Andries Jordaan, Pieter de Jager and Janse Rabie in 2018. Furthermore, a comprehensive PESTLE analysis (framework or tool used to analyse and monitor the macro-environmental factors that have an impact on an organisation or industry) on the agriculture sector was conducted by Agri SA. This analysis was supported and expanded upon by a group of risk experts at a Risk Workshop held in February at Agri SA. During this process key risks for the agriculture sector were identified and possible mitigation strategies proposed. 

“Agri SA is proactively involved in the mitigation of several risks facing the agriculture sector, such as land reform, rural safety and bio security” said Omri van Zyl.

“Senwes has sponsored close to half a million rand towards the SARMD because it realises the importance of the whole food value chain for the citizens of South Africa. We have managed to keep producing sufficient, safe and affordable food, though many challenging and dynamic situations, a proactive and holistic approach needs to be maintained” said Francois Strydom, Group CEO of Senwes.


Omri van Zyl, Agri SA Executive Director 082 417 5724
Japie Fransman, Senwes Public Relations and Events Manager 083 253 4745

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