Senwes and SGS NviroCrop to work together

  • 08 June 2018
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SGS is a world class inspection, verification, testing and certification company in terms of soil and agricultural analysis with a 70-year track record of involvement in the commercial agricultural playing field.

Senwes Group CEO, Francois Strydom said the co-operation was part of the company’s relentless drive for innovative solutions. “This initiative, which will be effective from 1 June 2018, will allow Senwes to offer its clients the best advice and solutions with regards to independent agronomic advisory services.”

Cobus Burger, Business Manager: SGS - Precision Farming Services added: “We are excited to be partnering with one of the country’s leading agri-businesses while offering a service that will potentially lead to an experience of increased sustainability in crop production.  Senwes has broken new ground in many technological areas of agriculture and it makes good business sense to add our expertise to a company with a successful and long track record in terms of supporting the production of grain commodities.

Senwes clients will now be able to easily access world-class expertise and service with regards to:
  • Crop inspections, leaf nutrition recommendations, soil profile inspections;
  • Interpretation of analytical results, management of soil fertility and fertiliser  recommendations;
  • Variable fertiliser and plant density maps prepared in accordance with predetermined soil and yield targets;
  • Nutrient index satellite and drone images which allows for creation of nutrient index maps; and
  • Overlays with soil type and/or soil chemical maps for statistical analysis.

Senwes in turn would enable the client to access and make use of:
  • A precision gateway – a web-based data platform that provides access to all information on the farm, virtual consultation and a production calendar, while the “Track me” feature provides the Senwes client with the ability to track and enquire data per geo-referenced point.
  • Soil classification and risk management;
  • Soil, leaf and water analysis;
  • Evaluation regarding the economic viability of agricultural soils;
  • Naturally coupled with appropriate credit and other solutions as required by the client.

For more information or requests for interviews please contact Pieter Swart, Senwes Managing Executive Credit at [email protected] or tel: 018 464 7532 or Martin van Zyl, Group Executive Innovation and Integrated Solutions at [email protected] or 018 464 7776.

For more information or requests for interviews please contact Ian Bothma, SGS NviroCrop Area Manager at [email protected] on cell: 082 904 4110.

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