Kynoch Fertilizer celebrates 100 years in South Africa

  • 03 April 2018
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On 23 March 2018, Kynoch celebrated 100 years in South Africa as the leading supplier of plant nutrition solutions. As part of the event, guests were treated to a short video celebrating Kynoch’s rich heritage and its vision for the future. 
Says Niren Murugan (Regional Head South Africa): “All of us both at Kynoch and at ETG are very proud to be celebrating the centenary of Kynoch as a fertilizer producer and supplier. 

Kynoch is one the most recognized and respected brands in the agricultural sector in South Africa. 

We celebrate our rich heritage and look forward to the next 100 years with great optimism. Kynoch will continue to supply innovative products and services to its customers in the agricultural sector. “

100 years: Celebrating a rich heritage 

Named after its founder, George Kynoch, the Kynoch brand has been part of agriculture in Southern Africa for the last 100 years. The original company, known today as Kynoch Fertilizer, started as an ammunitions and explosives manufacturer that had its origin in Birmingham, England. In the early 1900s, land was bought from the Natal Government to build a plant at Umbogintwini outside of Durban to produce explosives for the mining industry in the Witwatersrand. After the end of the first world war in 1918, there was an oversupply of explosives and Kynoch changed its focus and modified its explosive plant to be able to produce super phosphate fertilizer at Umbogintwini – the country’s first chemical fertilizer plant.

In 2014, the Export Trading Group (ETG), a multinational, agro commodity company operating throughout Africa, the Middle East and Asia, acquired 100% shareholding in Kynoch. 

Through this acquisition, Kynoch’s products have been introduced to the greater African markets and are being sold alongside ETG’s trusted brands of Falcon and Zamfert in African countries. Selected Kynoch blends are also blended in ETG’s blending plants throughout Africa, supporting all regions. 

More about Kynoch Fertilizer

“At Kynoch we don’t believe in a single application of a specific product – we combine products to benefit our food producers so that they can make more money per hectare.” 

Kynoch Fertilizer is a leading importer, blender and retailer of a complete range of granular, liquid and speciality fertilizers in South Africa and boasts a solid footprint in Southern Africa - including South Africa, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, the Indian Ocean Islands, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda and Angola. Currently in South Africa, Kynoch’s food producers are serviced by a large sales and agronomic support team based in more than five offices across the country.

With depots nationwide and import and blending facilities in all major ports in the Southern Africa region, including a liquid fertilizer facility at Endicott, as well as blenders in Durban, Richards Bay, Endicott, Viljoenskroon and Cape Town, Kynoch offers a comprehensive product and service offering to food producers across the region. 

Crop-, growth stage- and site-specific approach Kynoch’s in-house team of agriculturalists have the scientific knowledge to advise on the best program and scheduling of nutrients and give fertilizer proposals based on the specific circumstances and needs of food producers. To this end, Kynoch makes use of soil samples to determine the soil fertility status of the soil as well as leaf samples to determine the nutritional status of the crop; and through combining different fertilizer materials, the nutrients available to the plant can be increased when it matters most. 

Precision agriculture 
Kynoch is at the heart of innovating new science and technology and employs precision agriculture as part of their practices. Precision agriculture minimizes risk, saves time and reduces cost. 

Research and development 
A new research and development laboratory was completed at the Endicott plant at the end of 2017, enabling the company to continue to offer its clients innovative breakthroughs regarding crop nutrition to ensure optimal yield and profitability. 

Main focus
Kynoch’s focus through the years had been on the mainly extensive crops such as maize, soya bean, wheat and sugarcane, however, in recent years it has expanded its focus to include intensive and speciality crops, such as tropical fruits, citrus, potatoes and vegetables. To this end, Kynoch has also developed its own range of innovative speciality products. 
Kynoch was also the first fertilizer company to introduce urease inhibitors to the Southern African market and its KynoPlus® range is the market leader in this field.

The way forward 
With its solid foundation from the ETG Group, creating a global network of hand-picked quality suppliers, products and personnel, Kynoch is able to expand the brand and its footprint, as well as continue the legacy that the company has created over the past 100 years. 
Kynoch – enhanced efficiency through innovation. 
For more information about Kynoch Fertilizer, contact: Niren Murugan or visit the website at

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