In the Senwes Scenario

  • 12 January 2021
  • 1477

Senwes experienced a series of highlights over the past year, we walk you through some of them  and let you in on the changes that have been happening within the Senwes Group. The much talked-about merger between Senwes and Suidwes was finally concluded, and we outline the effects of these changes in this edition.

It is an exciting time as Senwes continues to evolve to better provide integrated solutions for our clientele.

While celebrating the wins, we also take stock of the knocks and lessons we took away from them. Messages from Senwes Group Chief Executive Francois Strydom and Chairman of the Senwes Board Dannie Minnaar echo sentiments of reflection and gratitude for the year that was.

The annual Christmas Tree Project had to undergo a complete overhaul due to Covid-19 restrictions. This Scenarios takes you on the road with Santa and his helpers as they went about delivering Christmas cheer to the various beneficiaries of the Christmas Tree project. We visit our friends at Itokisetseng Combined school to witness the launch of the brand new Senwes sponsored ECD learning centre.

This Scenario edition also includes articles on digital advancements in agriculture, the impact of Covid-19 on various industries within the agricultural sector, the impacts of the Free State fires and the relief efforts thereof.

Read up on these and lots more agri news in the current edition of Senwes Scenario

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