Braunvieh SA, is the legal registered Breeders’ Society for Braunvieh stud animals

  • 11 October 2017
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  •  Braunvieh Cattle Breeders’ Society
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A number of breeders decided to distance themselves from Braunvieh SA. Council rendered numerous efforts to retain these breeders within the Society but unfortunately these memberships were terminated, at their own request.
It is important to take note of the above mentioned as there is a current rumour assuming that there is an alternative Braunvieh society as well as an alternative registering process for Braunvieh stud animals. Rumour has it that he Registrar of Animal Improvement issued a letter endorsing the above mentioned.
Upon numerous requests from the Society, no confirmation of such an endorsement could be provided. This so-called method of operation is in direct contravention of the Animal Improvement Act 62 of 1998. The Act clearly determines that there shall only be one breeders’ society and one Registering Authority, per breed. The Act also states that both the registering process and the issuing of pedigree certificates, can only be executed through a registered Registering Authority.
Braunvieh SA, is the legal registered Breeders’ Society for Braunvieh stud animals in SA, and thus the only legal entity who represents stud breeders of Braunvieh animals in South Africa. SA Stud Book is also the only Registering Authority where Braunvieh stud breeders can register their animals. No other institution possesses the legal right to register any Braunvieh stud animal.
It is the aim of Braunvieh SA to ensure that best interest of its members is maintained and to ensure that these members are accurately informed at all times, thus the reason for this media release.
The Society’s office is situated in Bloemfontein and is concerned with all Braunvieh related issues. Any enquiries can be addressed to the Society’s secretary, Mrs. Liezel Grobler at 051 410 0958 or via e-mail at [email protected]

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