Agri SA ready to engage on Water Master Plan

  • 04 December 2019
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“Agriculture as a sector is the largest user of raw water, and production is greatly dependent on the availability and quality of water resources,” says Janse Rabie, Agri SA Head of the Centre of Excellence: Natural Resources. “The launch of the Master Plan provides a framework from which the future of the country’s water and food security can be delivered and serves as a point of departure for engagement with government going forward.”

Agri SA is specifically encouraged by renewed efforts made by the Department of Water and Sanitation to work with the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure and planned engagements with the South African Local Government Association in addressing issues pertaining the degradation of infrastructure and water quality. Minister Sisulu’s emphasis on the need for ethical leadership is also commended.

Agri SA appreciates the Minister’s focus on partnerships and her including Agri SA as an important strategic stakeholder. The implementation of effective water management is crucial to Agri SA and its affiliated members.

Agri SA is committed to continue working with government to secure water and food security as well as economic development for South Africa.

Janse Rabie
Agri SA Head of the Centre of Excellence: Natural Resources

076 457 9601

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