Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) - act 38 of 2001

In terms of FICA, Senwes is obliged to verify the identities (KYC: Know Your Client) of certain categories of clients eg. shareholders, and our clients who trade on SAFEX, have long-term insurance policies and are involved in diesel-hedging.

Senwes wishes to thank all clients who have responded thus far to our KYC requests. Please note that FICA obliges us to have certified copies of all the required information. If we are not in receipt of certified copies of all required documents, we will not be able to continue transactions with the client. We would not want to do this as we value the long-standing relationship we have with our clients and we are grateful to you for all your support.

We will, in the near future, be contacting clients who have not given us all or any of the KYC information.

In order to make it easier for you, our clients, we have requested our branch and silo managers to make copies of the relevant KYC documentation and to indicate thereon that they have seen the originals. They will then forward the requested information to our Head Office in Klerksdorp.

Any queries may be directed to Senwes's Secretariat and Legal division at (018) 464-7121.

If we all work together to prevent money laundering and tax evasion, we all stand to benefit as it will lead to less crime and a lower taxation rate.

Once more, a big thank you to all our clients and staff who have co-operated to give us the long-term benefits of safety and prosperity.

  • Senwes FICA forms can be downloaded in PDF format.
    Forms: Financial Intelligence Centre Act
    (9 pages = 45KB) 

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