Agbiz supports BUSA’s call to review regulations relating to high cube containers

  • 21 Januarie 2022
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Regulation 224 (b) effectively prohibits the transport of high cube containers due to the combined height of the truck and container, but the regulation was never implemented.

High cube containers are fast becoming an international norm and are particularly important for the agribusiness sector as refrigerated containers used for transporting agricultural products fall within this category. An uninterrupted cold chain is vital for the export of agricultural products. For this reason, Agbiz has been a driving force within BUSA to address the issue.

To date, Regulation 224 (b) has not been implemented due to the significant challenges it would pose to South Africa’s international trade. Whilst the previous moratoriums were a practical necessity, they are time-bound and cause unnecessary uncertainty. There is simply no substitute for long-term policy certainty, and hence a review of the regulations is urgently required.

Agbiz and its partners in business remain available to assist the department in this process with critical information. It is our considered view that the actual risks posed to road infrastructure must be evidence-based and weighed up with the potential costs to the businesses if the regulations required alterations to the height of load bays at pack houses and distribution centres.

In line with the president’s call to remove obstacles to doing business in South Africa, an evidence-based review of the regulations is urgently needed.

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