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The Senwes Graduate programme took the honours in the category: Leading employer - AgriSETA skills development, work place experience, at the 2012 AgriSETA Excellence Awards

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Well-rounded professionals

If you are looking for an organisation that is prepared to invest in you as an individual, you have found the right place. Senwes possesses six core values which graduates can relate to:  Integrity, Accountability, Innovation, Business orientation, Self-motivation and Loyalty.

Throughout the Senwes Graduate Programme there will be a variety of formal and on the job training initiatives offered by highly rated educational bodies and institutions.  The programme kicks off an induction into the organisation, a formal leadership programme and business training to improve your personal capabilities.  You will be supported by a mentor and a coach as you progress.

This programme will definitely challenge the way you think about people, teams and the working environment.  You will have the opportunity to engage in a research project as part of the leadership programme.  During the project you will have the opportunity to use your creative thinking skills to offer new and exciting ideas to the company.

The programme will give you the chance to apply your academic knowledge and transform it into real business sense.

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Why work at Senwes?

Graduate Experience

One goal

Once placed in Senwes,  graduates pursue their careers within the organisation under  the guidance of their line managers and mentors through continuous performance and personal development discussions, further learning and development initiatives to reach one career goal.

Moipone Khampepe (SHEQ officer: Security and loss control) - Graduate 2011

"I have learned that attitude is the most important factor in life and in a working environment. I learned how to carry myself around others and deal with challenges.  I have learned to plan and stay organised at all times and the importance of thinking outside the box and getting ou of my comfort zone.  Having respect for myself and the other people has been one of the most important lessons.  I have learned that time and knowledge are important resources in life if used correctly."


Leon van Tonder (Financial & Business Analyst:Corporate Finance) Graduate 2010

"I believe that time is not reflected by the years that pass, but rather by the goals we set and achieve.  The Senwes Graduate Programme presented we with a framework to venture this belief.   In a short period through personal mastery I managed to forge good working relationships in key areas.  I was also able to apply the concepts that I've learned into real world business applications.  Truly an achievement journey for a person with the right mental attitude! ."

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